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   "Healthy Living Spaces" the Book





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This is a "must have" valuable resource!

Our homes and offices may be clean, but are they safe? Armed with aerosol sprays and bleach, we wage war against germs and household dirt, but at what cost?

The cost can be substantial: It turns out, our interiors are not so pristine. Those cleaning products, as well as fresh paint, carpeting, and manufactured wood products, are some of the more common items that may be making us sick. The worst offender may be mold. Fuzzy black spots colonize, lurk in the walls, and send spores into the air.

If we consider all the things that can be unhealthy for us, the list can be overwhelming. We may feel itís difficult to create a healthy home.

Fortunately, ninety-percent of indoor-health issues can be avoided by focusing on the Top 10.

Each item on the Top 10 list is covered in a separate chapter explaining:

  • What is it?
  • What can it do to me?
  • Where is it?
  • Get rid of it!!!
  • Resources
The first chapter covers all aspects of dealing with mold.
  The book makes common-sense suggestions for creating a safe, allergy-free environment that include:
  • Getting rid of mold safely and effectively
  • Buying or building a mold-free home
  • Reducing stress caused by indoor toxins
  • Recommended cleaning products, vacuum cleaners, and air filters

Your home should be a place that nurtures you, one that feels great to be in. There is no reason you can not live in such a place.  Readers will appreciate the book's matter-of-fact approach to making our homes, offices and schools as healthy as possible.


  Healthy Living Spaces by Daniel Stih: $18.95 plus s/h  ($4.95)  

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