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   Media Appearances and Interviews  

Create allergy-free homes, offices, and schools that feel great to live in.


Daniel Stih on Radio, TV and in the Press


Author, aerospace engineer, certified indoor environmental consultant, and expert mold inspector helps audiences create homes, offices and schools that feel good to be in.


Healthy Living Spaces in the News 
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Home-environment expert unsure about Wi-Fi impact


Tom Sharpe | The New Mexican
Posted: Tuesday, March 09, 2010 - 3/10/10  
In more than a decade of testing buildings for mold, chemicals, pollutants and electromagnetic fields, Daniel Stih of Santa Fe says he's never encountered a hypochondriac.
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    ● EMF Testing ● Measurement of cell phone towers
● Health and Safety Compliance ● Mitigation specs for reducing exposure

Contact Dan if you require any of the above testing procedures.


Listen and watch Dan Stih interviewed on radio and television. 
Appearances will be added as they become available.

Dan Stih is an indoor environment consultant who investigates homes, schools and offices to solve complaints and health problems related to being indoors.

Dan's book "Healthy Living Spaces" has generated a great deal of interest in the media both radio and television.

His experience led him to discover a pattern. Most people’s health and well-
being can be improved by simple, inexpensive changes for 10 common, indoor health hazards.


Now you can listen or watch Dan for yourself... 
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Media Appearances

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Dan Stih on the
"EZHelp Radio Show"


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   Audience  Responses  

"The interview with Dan was very helpful to my husband and me. We have not been feeling very well since we had our living room remodeled a month ago. After hearing the interview we are sure now what is wrong. " --- Pam from Taylor, Arizona, listening on KHAC.  

  "I just called to let you know that he [Dan Stih] is sure right about household cleaning supplies. My wife got rid of most of the products she was using a few months ago and her allergy problems are only half what they were." --- Brian from Eagar, Arizona listening on KHAC  
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