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Donít trust your health, your home and your wallet with a mold inspector who got their certification on the internet.
Daniel Stih, a properly certified mold inspector and expert witness, is now working in San Diego and available to inspect and test your home or office for mold anywhere in Southern California.
Did you know: There are no licensing requirements in California or San Diego for doing mold inspections. Anyone can start a business testing for mold. The majority of these mold inspectors do not hold what is considered to be legitimate certifications. They get their certifications after taking courses on the internet. Click here to read about legitimate certifications.
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    Stih will find the mold. Thatís what heís good at.
Did you know: Mold can be hidden and NOT detected by the types of mold tests the average mold inspector uses? Stih discovered this while doing research on mold and mold testing in partnership with Los Alamos National Laboratories. Click here to read the study. He brings this expertise to San Diego.
If you are buying a home in the San Diego or Southern California please ask Stih to test it before you buy it. Then you can move in with the peace of mind knowing you wonít find a mold problem later on.
Stih was hired by Dyson Ltd to work on television, providing consumers with tips regarding indoor air quality and mold.
Stih was hired by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) to create and teach itís members the course, ďIndoor Air Quality - Itís More than Mold. How to Design & Build Homes that are Green and HealthyĒ.
Maybe you already had a mold inspection, or can see mold and are in the process of having the mold removed. You might not think you need a mold inspector or Mr. Stih's help. Unfortunately, many mold remediators do not know how to remove mold properly. You could be paying a mold remediation company thousands of dollars, never realizing mold is still there when they are done. Sound crazy? It is. The average consumer is at a disadvantage because they donít know what to ask a mold remediation company to make sure the job in being done correctly.
Not Mr. Stihís clients.
All of Stihís mold inspection reports include a list of steps that must be followed AND a list of what must not be done to effectively remove mold.
(Some things cause more harm than good).
For examples of whatís included in Mr. Stihís mold inspection reports, read Daniel Stihís, Definitive Guide to Mold Removal  FREE with a written mold inspection report from Healthy Living Spaces in San Diego.


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